Spray Tan Services

Airbrush spray tan services are are part of our glam menu and the perfect touch to keep your summer glow going all year round. Our airbrush spray tan with top-of-the-line organic DHA will have you feeling sun-kissed and rejuvenated without those pesky UV rays. Let one of our tanning specialists airbrush you for a beautiful bronze look. Ask about our wide line of products for pre and post sunless tanning care too.

Denver Spray Tan Studio

Our Denver spray tan studio is private, bright, beautiful, and spotless. Visit us on your lunch break, before or after work, or between classes. We’re conveniently located in downtown Denver in the Larimer Square Walkway.

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Spray Tanning Prices

Full Body Airbrush Spray Tan $40

Face Only $10

Upper Body $25

Lower Body $25

Spray Tanning Packages

3 Sessions of Full Body Package $105

5 Sessions of Full Body Package $150

Tanning Care

Before Your Spray Tan

Shower and EXFOLIATE! Use a full body scrub to slough away any dry, flaky skin before you get a tan. This will insure the smoothest, most even results for your tan! Wait at LEAST 5 hours to shower after your tan. (more if you can.) When you do shower, pat dry with a towel instead of wiping your skin to help preserve the tan.

Wear loose fitting, dark colored clothes while your spray tan is drying. If you wear a bathing suit or underwear while getting your tan, we suggest you wear one that is dark in color and that you won’t mind getting the tanning solution on. Try to avoid wearing makeup & come with a clean face so you can have an even tan on your face as well.

After Your Spray Tan

Like self tanner, spray tans will get darker as the day progresses. So don’t be alarmed if you leave feeling like it’s too light, or you get home and realize it’s darker a few hours later.

Apply lotion every day. Keeping your tanned skin hydrated is the best way to make the color last longer. Spray tans typically last about a week but of course that varies from person to person.

Enjoy your beautiful sun-kissed tan!

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